We finally got some more information on Halo Infinite's campaign. The short Campaign Overview showcase revealed that Master Chief's main objective will be to find out what happened to Cortana. To do this, he will have to team up with a mysterious new AI simply referred to as "The Weapon".

You'll be tasked with clearing Zeta Halo of the Banished, who have set up bases and outposts all over the map. The game's massive open world will allow you to take on the enemy in whatever way you see fit, whether it's guns blazing, or via stealth. You can also choose from a number of air and land vehicles that will be delivered to you at specific drop points.

The world will give you complete freedom of movement and let you take on these strongholds in the most creative way you can think of. Use your grappling hook to zip across enemy defenses, close the gap in on-on-one situations, and also grab items. You're not alone in the fight however, you can rescue remaining UNSC soldiers who will then join you in the fight to rid Zeta Halo of enemies.

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But the Banished will not be the only foe Master Chief will have to fight off. You'll battle it out against the fan-favorite brutes, new agile threats like the Skimmers, and a dangerous Spartan killer called Jega 'Rdomnai, each of whom will require different tactics to beat. However, there's something even more threatening, calling itself the "Harbinger of Truth''.

Lastly, Master Chief's powers and weapons will be upgradable, but it's unclear whether you can do that via XP, collectibles, or some other mechanic. The short 6-minute video was packed with enough gameplay to let players know what they'll be in for on November 8.

Unfortunately you won't be able to experience the campaign along with your friend, as 343 previously announced that the co-op campaign feature and Forge feature unfortunately had to be delayed. There's still no word though on when these features will be coming, but the studio has been working in "shutdown mode" in order to get the campaign on its feet.

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